Brilliant Uses of Colour
in Branding


Red is dynamic, passionate and attractive. It’s no wonder so many brands use it to represent them. But there’s one brand that does it so right, that the colour red and a certain serif font is all it takes for viewers to know it’s them talking. Yup, its The Economist.



The Bleed Blue campaign for the Indian Cricket Team in 2011 is an unforgettable example of the power of colour in branding. But in terms of brand identity, Indigo airlines has almost claimed monopoly over the deep shade of blue*. It’s used brilliantly on their buses, ramps, in their below-the-line creatives and their advertising, to give fliers a wonderful experience so they feel anything but, well, blue.



The strange mermaid lady in Starbucks’ logo is very well popular. She sits, quiet and serene, in a green circle on every single white cup of coffee. So around Christmas, almost twenty years ago, when the coffeehouse changed their cups from white to red for the holidays, it was a huge deal. And what do you know, it still is! Last Christmas, they even released cups you could colour.

Bonus: For the Blonde Espresso, Starbucks’ global Facebook page has a fun, new digital campaign in yellow. So different from their usual green, black, white and brown scheme, and so very attention-grabbing.



I say black beer and you say “....Guinness?” (The question mark is because you sound a little unsure. You sound unsure because a part of you is wondering if I said Blackbeard not black beer. But I digress.) Guinness embraces their dark side. They take full advantage of the use of negative space in their advertising. And the enthusiastic use of black in their marketing has given them a right to almost claim the colour as a brand. It’s strong, stunning and timeless.

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