From Busy to Bold:
Rebranding Q-One

How do you retain the core essence of a brand while rebranding it?

Rebranding is a lengthy strategic process that takes a ton of research.

If a brand has a loyal following, we think it’s important to retain certain defining aspects of the previous visual identity in the new one.

Take Q-One, for example. This successful embroidery company does wonders for its clients. They’re adaptable, creative and precise when it comes to their embroidery designs.

Q-One’s previous logo had lots of colour in it to communicate their passion and creativity. They definitely stood out from other embroidery manufacturers who had monotone logos, devoid of life (so to speak).

So ultimately, colour is what we retained in their new identity.

Their new identity is not just a logo, but a versatile brand mark. The pattern accompanying the word Q-One can be used in many forms, to not just fit but enhance the space it’s featured in. Just like the artistic embroidery the company produces.

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