Event Branding:
Making The Right First Impression

Every event is an experience that you either quickly forget or can’t forget. What makes an event fall into either category? It’s not just how you feel during, but what you feel from the moment you learn about it, that matters. It should be love at first sight. You see a poster for a pop-up bazaar or educational conference that you’ve never heard of and you’re immediately intrigued. You might Google it, to find the event website that is beautifully designed and compellingly written. Your interest is piqued. This event is definitely where you want to be.

This journey from first impression to decision-making involves a variety of factors. But making that first impression and seeing it through, is what event branding is all about. Branding is a powerful tool, a cost-effective solution to making an event stand out. It gives you a feel of the event before you attend it, and through swag bags, ticket stubs and other memorobilia, it lets you enjoy the event long after its over.

What’s in it for the organisers? The emotional connect built with the audience during the event is one that will last. They’ll also become ambassadors for your brand consumers with an emotional tie to a brand are more likely to recommend it to others and return to the same brand time and again.

Below is a great example of event branding done right. For TEDx Cambridge, the designers put together an end-to-end solution that is cohesive, fun and attractive. Not only does this draw in their audience, it encapsulates what attendees can expect from this TEDx experience.

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