Client: Vision India Foundation
Brief: To brand Manifesto, an electoral card game based on politics in the Indian context.

When a team of IIT grads say they have just come up with an exciting new card game that will appeal to everyone from school kids to the PM of India, you listen.

That’s exactly what we did. And we were not disappointed.

Manifesto is a card game that needs 2-8 players and takes about 1 hour to play. Using the primary concepts of Indian politics (winning constituencies, political parties etc), mixed with the reality of the past (booth capturing, media bias etc), a player must strategize his/her moves.

To someone well-versed with politics, the game has immediate appeal. To someone who isn’t, once you get the hang of how each card works, the game becomes as simple to play as monopoly or uno.

Create Cluster’s Creative Challenge

We had many questions to answer-

1) Is this game really meant for everyone? Or is it meant for those who are already politically savvy?

2) What age range is the primary audience?

3) How can the design of the game set the mood?

Our Design Process

We first answered the most important questions.

Who is Manifesto’s audience?

Primary Audience- Youth aged 15-30, with a basic knowledge about India’s electoral system.

Secondary Audience- Indians aged 30+, also with a basic knowledge of India’s electoral system.

How does this affect Manifesto’s branding?

Visual language can be edgy and contemporary. We can use graphic symbols, bold text and Cards won’t need to have accompanying definitions to explain the terms as the target audience will understand the terms. The supporting rule cards will explain the terms in detail for easy reference.

What followed next was a trial and error design process based on the above thought. We kept checking in with our clients, Vision India Foundation, to see which designs appealed to them most.

The colour scheme chosen- olive green, black and beige, strikes a balance between tough and grounded. As if to say ‘Growth, success and harmony are in your hands. You have the power to win’. The characters look like young Indian men and women from all parts of India, in retro-bollywood style complete with aviators.

The fonts are heavy-set and textured. Again, reiterating the tough-but-cool vibe.

As design and content came together with the tagline (Iss Bar Kiski Sarkar?), Manifesto turned out to be a game that educates and empowers its players.

While ‘badass’ isn’t a term we like to use lightly, that’s exactly what we hope you’ll feel when you hold these cards in your hands.

Current Status: Soon available on Amazon

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