Many nonprofits look to branding to improve donor attendance at fundraisers. Putting time, money and effort into reaching out to donors before a donation drive makes sense. If the NGO has to justify the branding expense to existing donors, this is one that will be seen as an obvious necessity. This sort of branding however, is more event branding than branding for long-term benefits.

So, what does branding for NGOs include anyway? While a logo and set colour scheme is mandatory, part of an NGOs identity also includes photography/ image styles, typography, and most importantly the tone of voice and personality. These are critical elements that go into any branded communication (fliers, awareness films, your website etc). If your branded communication is engaging in terms of design and content, your audience is far more likely to share it and bring in more donors.

Raising funds for your NGO is a lot like selling a product or service. Except in this case, you’re providing your customer not with a product, but the feeling of having made a real difference in the world. You’re telling them that they too can be part of something bigger. It is up to your branding to connect with donors, and make them strongly feel for the cause. And every successful NGO knows that emotional stimulation drives donations .

Which makes an investment of time, effort and money on branding by NGOs not just justifiable, but absolutely necessary.

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