The 4 common branding mistakes your startup
should avoid at all costs.

Whether you’re a B2B or B2C startup, the main rules of branding remain the same. Before you hit the accelerator on your business plan and begin connecting with consumers, make sure you obliterate major speed-bumps in the road ahead by refraining from making these mistakes:

1. Selling to everyone.
However universal you think your product is, you can’t sell to everyone. If you try selling to ‘everyone’, your communication will be too general and won’t connect with your audience. It’s a wasted effort.

Instead: Prioritise your efforts. Who needs/ is most likely to use your product immediately? Speak to this person first. Become their most trusted friend and then word will spread. Building a loyal, targeted customer base is a powerful first step in building a memorable brand.

2. Mimicking the competition
Uber did this, Amazon did that. Great, but that doesn’t mean you should too! Using your competitors as case studies is important in understanding the current market. But your brand identity cannot be linked to them. Mimicking the competition will always place your brand at second place. Few consumers want to be associated with a copycat brand.

Instead: Identify what makes your brand/product unique and focus on that. This often comes from narrowing your target audience (refer point 1) and knowing your brand. Which brings us to the next point;

3. Driving data instead of a story
We can’t repeat this enough- Numbers don’t connect with people. Narratives do. While data might be what brought you to your insight, it isn’t what is going to connect with your consumers.

Instead: Tell the story about how your brand came about. Add personal touches, let people connect on an emotional level. Offer a perspective into how your consumers lives will change with your product. If your startup is a consulting firm for other businesses, showcase testimonials by happy clients, or videos and case studies. Place it in the forefront, and back up the story with data. Not the other way around.

4. Underutilising owned touch points
So often companies don’t realise the value of their website, their business cards and their social media platforms. Poor design and badly written copy can so easily drive away consumers. It can so easily make your brand look unreliable and unprofessional. Does your website have too much content? Too much writing, too many downloadable pdfs? With so much being said, it is highly likely that your consumer is missing the point.

Instead: Simplify. Become efficient with your communication. Logos should be clean. Keep sentences brief. Cut down the clutter, and let each word and image represent your company with clarity.

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