We’re a collaborative creative agency, passionate about great design and helping our clients achieve their goals.
We build, launch and rebrand brands. We have serviced companies of all sizes (XS to XL), in all industries.
In just 3 years, Create Cluster has amassed a client base of 150 companies. We have a wide range of experience- we’ve undertaken high-profile projects with Government agencies, as well as helped multiple start-ups find their voice and develop their identities.
As an agency, we bring fresh, relevant ideas, and piping-hot perspective to the table. We’re energized by finding creative solutions to business problems.

Our Team :

Sanya A. Bakshi

Executive Director, Tea Lover, Morning Riser

Sanya’s always ‘can-do’ outlook, when applied to the work we do at Create Cluster, ignites great ideas and high-impact results. Her passion for creativity and eye for untapped potential helps her uncover meaningful insights for clients.

She discovered a penchant for design thinking and creative direction while studying Design Communication at Lasalle College of the Arts, Singapore. She gained extensive experience in creating brand identities and event curation, before learning the ropes to running a business from her family of serial entrepreneurs. In just two years, Sanya grew the Create Cluster client-base to 80 brands- an international portfolio of clients large and small, private and public, in a variety of industries.

Trisha Shukla

Executive Director, Coffee Lover, Night Owl

In her role as the lead visual designer and executive director at Create Cluster, Trisha aims to deliver a unique perspective with each project. She’s relentless in her pursuit of a creative solution for every brief; one that doesn’t just tick all the ‘good-for-business’ boxes, but also marries Form and Function so cohesively that you’d think they had taken the ‘Saath Janam’ vow in another life. No, we’re not kidding.

Over the years, Trisha has worked independently and collaboratively, assembling a diverse design portfolio of brands like The Taj Hotels, The Oberoi Hotels, L’Opera, Deutsche Bank, and Oyo Rooms. She has graduated from Lasalle College of the Arts, Singapore, with a BA Hons in Design Communication, and a focus in Graphic Design.